A Faster and More Reliable Way to Build Better Software

Software development is hard, and an effective programming language is critical to helping you get the job done. That’s where Ada comes in. If you are tired of using the debugger to chase down errors, and you want code that is reliable, readable, and efficient, then GNAT Pro can introduce you to the many benefits that the Ada language offers.

It includes professional grade tools designed to allow development teams to take full advantage of the benefits Ada offers, and ensure a smooth, cost-effective development process.

GNAT Pro Developer
Designed for developers and teams who would like to move from C or C++ and bring the reliability of Ada to their projects.

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GNAT Pro Enterprise
A complete Ada solution for projects with the most stringent requirements for reliability, long-term maintenance or certification.

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GNAT Pro Assurance
A complete development environment for producing critical software systems where reliability, efficiency and maintainability are essential.

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GNAT Pro is a robust and flexible Ada development environment. It comprises a full Ada compiler, an Integrated Development Environment, a comprehensive tool-suite including a visual debugger, and a set of libraries and bindings.

In addition to the comprehensive set of tools and utilities provided with GNAT Pro, a number of specialised add-ons can also be integrated into the environment.

A utility that performs coverage analysis at both object code level and Ada or C source code level without instrumentation of the application code.

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A collection of libraries and utilities for the development of portable, efficient GUI-driven applications in Ada.

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Ada Semantic Analysis library that gives applications access to the complete syntactic and semantic structure of an Ada compilation unit.

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The earlier that errors are detected, the cheaper they are to correct.  That philosophy is intrinsic to the Ada design, with data type errors (such as pointer misuses) caught by the compiler, and run-time errors (such as buffer overrun) caught by checks in the compiled code. In many cases optimization or static analysis can eliminate the run-time checks, so performance is not impacted.

AdaCore does not have a separate support team; every engineer in the company, including the CEO, has support as priority number one. This translates into the highest level of support possible by giving the customer unfiltered access to the developers who build and maintain the technology.