GNAT Pro Assurance

Designed for certification and long-lived projects.


GNAT Pro Assurance is a complete Ada solution for projects with the most stringent requirements for reliability, long-term maintenance or certification.

The product supports all versions of the Ada language standard (from Ada 83 to Ada 2012), with C support an optional add-on. It includes a full toolsuite as well as a configurable run-time library and several specific run-times that are especially suited to high-assurance systems. Unique to the GNAT Pro Assurance product, a specialized service known as sustained branches allows a project to continue its use of a specific version of the technology, including upgrades to repair critical issues.



The GNAT Pro environment has been used to develop systems that have been certified against a number of software standards including:

  • DO-178B/C (avionics)
  • CENELEC EN 50128 (rail)
  • ECSS-E-ST-40C / ECSS-Q-ST-80C (Space)

Development personnel behind GNAT Pro Assurance are experts in these standards, and several staff members directly participated in the development of DO-178C and its technology supplements.

GNAT Pro Assurance provides developers with:

  • The GNAT Pro Toolsuite IDE
  • The GNATcoverage tool, which performs coverage analysis up to DO-178B/C Level A
  • Static analysis tools including GNATstack, GNATmetric and GNATcheck
  • Customisable Runtimes
  • Qualification Kits
  • Source-to-Object Traceability, helping developers of safety-critical software comply with the DO-178B avionics standard

GNAT Pro Assurance is available on a wide range of platforms, both native and cross, with targets including commercial RTOSes and Bare Metal.

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