Rapita Systems

Ensuring software used in critical systems has the highest quality and reliability

Rapita Systems provides on-target software verification tools and services globally to the embedded aerospace and automotive electronics industries.  Our solutions help to increase software quality, deliver evidence to meet safety and certification objectives and reduce project costs.

Rapita Systems solutions help customers increase software quality, deliver evidence to meet safety and certification objectives and reduce verification costs. Their flexible tools and high-quality support mean we can integrate seamlessly into our customers’ existing development environment, no matter how complex.



Efficient software verification.

The Rapita Verification Suite reduces the effort verifying critical embedded software for structural coverage, functional and timing behaviour.  Integrating directly with the native development environment, it improves the efficiency of software verification.


Fast, cost-effective software testing.

RapiTest’s powerful test formats reduce the time it takes to implement test cases.  Run tests as part of a continuous build environment on either a host computer or target hardware.  Link requirements to your tests so for requirement coverage analysis.


Low-overhead coverage analysis for critical software.

Analyse code coverage up to and including Modified Condition/Decision Coverage on-host and on-target with low overheads. View coverage by different categories and filter results to highlight missing coverage.


Fast, cost-effective task-level timing analysis.

Simplify obtaining verification data such as worst-case execution time metrics enabling the optimisation your code. Identify the timing behaviour of each function in the code under test, and sections of code that are likely to improve the overall timing behaviour when optimised.


Fast, cost-effective task-level timing analysis.

Understand the task-level timing behaviour of your code by collecting timing data while your code runs on target.  Produce charts and tables to enable understanding of your system’s behaviour, its scheduling behaviour, identifying rare timing events and analyse capacity issues.


The ultimate data logging solution.

A cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for collecting and time-stamping long streams of verification data from embedded hardware. It is target-independent, supporting a wide variety of target architectures, and provides an excellent way of collecting trace data for use by RVS.


Dedicated Systems Australia is the leading supplier of Embedded System Software, Firmware and Hardware in Australia and New Zealand. We represent Rapita Systems to bring high quality products to our customers in all industries requiring reliable, scalable device connectivity.


  • Capture and meet their requirements
  • Improve software quality
  • Meet safety and certification objectives and reduce project costs
  • Get to market on time and on budget
  • Secure, maintain and expand their product