EFFORTLESSLY ANALYSE AND VISUALISE TIME-VARYING LOCATION AND STATIC DATA is a platform for companies who need to analyse large quantities of location tracking data. It has been developed by a team with many years of expertise in geospatial systems and delivers extremely high-performance visualisation and analysis of location tracking and time varying geospatial datasets containing billions of records – an order of magnitude more than can be handled by either commercial or open-source alternatives. It is also incredibly quick to get up and running and in use by your team. The cloud-hosted version can be live with your dataset in less than a day and the user interface is extremely intuitive and able to deliver valuable insights with very little training.

The platform is built on a novel architecture that effortlessly scales to billions of data points, while maintaining a fast update rate for its interactive features. The platform allows movement data to be combined with time series data from fixed locations to create a complete picture. This combination enables big data exploration at the speed of thought for you to gain insights into trends, changes, patterns, … beyond the current situation.



Imagine you could upload your whole vehicle tracking database and quickly analyse and share trends in your transport network? can ingest high-resolution vehicle location data and time varying fixed location data such as for stops and roadworks. Together, these can be used in desktop planning studies to improve services and customer satisfaction.


Are you currently considering how to best leverage AIS and other data to automate port operations? Without writing any code, can generate dashboards for use by internal and external stakeholders. Other data sources such as weather monitoring and forecasting can be added to increase situational awareness and improve maritime efficiency and safety.


Many councils are considering how new mobility, last mile, and micro-mobility will affect their planning. is designed to speed this process because it can receive data from connected cars, bikes, scooters, and pedestrians, and combine them with feeds from fixed-location transport monitoring devices. What solutions will you discover when these data sources are combined?

People Flow

Conference planners and retailers want to adapt their floor plans to improve people flow and test the impact of new promotional technologies. With you can bring together people flow data and fixed-location data such as from video-enabled promo boards, and develop KPIs which show the return of your marketing investment.


Dedicated Systems Australia is the leading supplier of Embedded System Software, Firmware and Hardware in Australia and New Zealand. We represent and can provide configuration and installation support for cloud-hosted or onsite deployments.


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