Cyber Security


When it comes to your cyber security needs, Dedicated Systems provide you with industry leading solutions and hardware using a variety of world-class suppliers with a proven track record within their field.




CodeSonar® is a leading static code analysis tool (SAST) provided by CodeSecure.

It is used to analyse both source and binary code, allowing your teams to examine complete applications and eliminate defects early in the software development lifecycle.

It also identifies serious vulnerabilities that could lead to system failures, poor reliability, system breaches, or unsafe conditions.

CodeSonar® finds more significant defects than other tools through innovative concurrency analysis and tainted dataflow analysis.

Using CodeSonar® saves you time and money whilst maximising system integrity.

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The use of Ada and SPARK languages and associated AdaCore tools provide a robust platform for systems requiring “high assurance” – a critical requirement in cyber security.
Ada provides strength in:

  • Unambiguous syntax,
  • Not requiring pointers,
  • Strong typing and
  • High-level concurrent programming features.

SPARK – a subset of Ada, enhances this list with:

  • correct data usage,
  • absence of run-time errors and
  • functional correctness against formally specified requirements.
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Connext DDS Secure

Optimised for autonomous and embedded systems, Connext DDS Secure provides a connectivity framework that allows you to design secure, robust and reliable systems without sacrificing real-time performance.

The use of decentralised, peer-to-peer communications for authentication, access control, encryption and logging provide optimum protection for mission-critical IoT environments which scale from edge to cloud, across systems and suppliers.

Connext DDS Secure utilises RTI Security Plugins, which support the OMG® DDS Security specification and enable forward compatibility. Combined with a robust, flexible set of security capabilities, the protection and defence of your systems is enhanced.

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Cyclone Rack Mount Server

Core to an effective cyber security solution is an optimum server platform.

GMS provides the award winning CYCLONE S1U401-MD – a 1U Rugged Rack Mount Server with two Fully Isolated Domains, each with Intel® Xeon® E5, 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet and Quad Removable Drives.
This solution provides the highest level of server performance possible in a fully ruggedised, convection-cooled system, operating from -20° C to +75° C, combined with separated smart power supplies and optional hold-up APUs to assure full isolation.
The CYCLONE S1U401-MD architecture simplifies deployable MIL-SPEC technology for Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS), providing NSA Red/Black network separation or system redundancy, while integrating processing, storage and high speed I/O in a small, ultra-rugged enclosure with the greatest possible performance per dollar and per watt.

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Star Lab (Wind River)

Star Lab, a Wind River company, provides Kevlar Embedded Security, a layered cybersecurity for embedded systems. Secure your Linux-based embedded system and address cybersecurity requirements with flexibility and agility.

By assuming that an attacker already has access, Kevlar Embedded Security prevents an attacker from gaining a foothold on your system by eliminating commonly used attack vectors. It integrates with the same tools you currently rely on to configure, customise, and build your embedded operating system. Kevlar Embedded Security lets you choose how much (or how little) security you layer into your embedded system – balance performance and security while addressing your most critical threats.

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