With Naval systems evolving into the systems-of-systems solution space, the need for robust interconnected solutions continues to grow. Dedicated Systems is uniquely positioned to bring you the integrated mix of quality software and hardware to meet the evolving needs of this market.

The demands of Naval systems projects span legacy and current deployments across a variety of established standards. A distributed processing architecture integrating on-board and off-board platforms adds the complexity of scalable, configurable solutions on diverse hardware.

For reliable, low maintenance solutions that facilitate future upgrade, Dedicated Systems recommends tailored solutions using industry leading suppliers and products.

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Dedicated Systems recommends RTI software for standards-compliant connectivity – currently the foundation for hundreds of mission-critical Defence system designs globally. RTI Connext DDS provides fast, scalable, reliable and secure connectivity within and between components of diverse Naval systems and resourcing built on the OMG DDS standard.

RTI has a proven track record of performance and reliability on Naval platforms, connecting disparate systems, merging multiple languages on multiple operating systems. The Connext Databus enables applications to work together as one, integrated system, significantly reducing development, integration and maintenance costs.

With RTI’s standards-based, high-performance middleware, vendor flexibility is enabled, driving interoperability and future-proofing architectural designs.

Naval deployments to date include …

  • Ship-Wide Area Network (SWAN) on the US Navy LPD-17 – DDS supports redundant networks, data and sensors without servers;
    Ship Self Defence System, coordinating high-speed Radars, targeting defensive missiles and offensives toward incoming cruise missiles – DDS delivers messages in real time;
  • US Navy Littoral Combat Ship DIL links and legacy interfaces – RTI is the leading vendor of combat system messaging; and
  • Lockheed Aegis, Raytheon DDG 1000, Raytheon SSDS, LCS (Lockheed and GDAIS), Raytheon LPD-17 – RTI solutions are underway.
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Interface Concept develops and manufactures COTS and modified COTS boards and systems to meet the demanding requirements of naval applications. With a comprehensive suite of high-performance cPCI, VME and VPX boards, Dedicated Systems recommends Interface Concept as an optimal supplier for naval applications including …

  • Command and Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR);
  • Networking
  • Radar signal processing;
  • Console displays;
  • Navigation systems;
  • Optronics; and
  • Storage – Network attachment systems.

Deployed solutions for naval electronic systems adopt the following Interface Concept solutions:

  • Rugged Ethernet switches;
  • High performance single board computers;
  • FPGA processing boards; and
  • Graphic and storage modules/NAS.
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Abaco Systems is a global leader in modular, high performance, open architecture, standards-based rugged embedded computing for the most demanding applications. With over 30 years of proven solutions helping customers turn sensor-acquired data into actionable information, Abaco Systems is Dedicated Systems’ clear choice in Naval solutions.

Powerful, flexible and based on open standards, Abaco’s Mission Ready Systems are pre-integrated and pre-qualified so that they’re ready for immediate deployment – minimising cost, risk and program lead-time.

With applications spanning radar, sonar, anti-submarine warfare and unmanned underwater vehicles, Abaco offers a range of solutions processing sensor data efficiently and with low bandwidth across a broad range of digital and analogue applications.

Application areas for Abaco Systems include …

  • Ruggedised mission computing and control;
  • Graphics, video and communications processing;
  • High speed Ethernet switching; and
  • Test, simulation and development I/O.
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With growing demand on performance and configuration in computing engines, General Micro Systems (GMS) is positioned to deliver the optimum CPU technology available on the market, irrespective of supplier.

Dedicated Systems recommends GMS solutions for Naval solutions with their operational model of technology independence, utilising the best CPU technology available, balancing price, performance and power while delivering quality and customer support.

The GMS operational model allows system engineers to optimise their computing engine designs to be the most efficient processing sub-systems in the embedded computing market from in the lowest power-consuming product to the highest performance.

GMS Naval solutions deployed to date include …

  • Aegis combat system and DDGx – GMS VME single-board computers have supported and enhanced critical applications such as fire control, engine control, machinery control, and operator console displays thorough improved graphics and processing while maintaining a high level of backward compatibility with legacy systems.
  • Space-limited shipboard and sub-surface high-performance applications, Naval afloat system – GMS has supplied compact and rugged Goliath 1U and 2U short rack servers.
  • Secure network separation – GMS provide the Hurricane S1U401-SHS secure high-speed secure storage servers that maintain complete separation between classified and unclassified networks within its architecture.
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When selecting subracks and components, Dedicated Systems uses nVent Schroff – a leading manufacturer of 19″ inch subrack technology, enclosures, power supplies, backplanes and systems.

nVent Schroff offers a full range of lightweight but rugged modular solutions and military server racks with high shock and vibration resistance and standard COTS product platforms. These are based on MIL-S 901D, MIL-STD 167, MIL-STD 810 and in-house conformal coating or specific EMI/RFI compliance.

Features of nVent Schroff subrack solutions include …

  • wide usage across naval, telecommunications, transportation and test and measurement applications;
  • market-leading EMI/EMC shielding; and
  • many accessories available for enhancement.
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To meet the needs of the Naval market, Dedicated Systems chooses United Electronic Industries (UEI) for its comprehensive range of rugged military-grade automatic controllers, data loggers, communication interfaces and I/O boards for ship and submarine solutions.

UEI products are designed to handle environmental extremes of temperature, shock and vibration, conforming to MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-1275 requirements – ideal for marine-based solutions.  System customisation is also catered for through embedded and standalone solutions, ethernet and wireless connectivity options, and chassis ranging from ultra-compact to rugged racks.

UEI solutions include …

  • Military-grade chassis designed to meet common requirements of MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810, and sealed to IP66 / NEMA6 standards;
  • COTS chassis platforms for the extensive UEI range of analogue and digital I/O boards;
  • Extensive software compatibility across operating systems, programming languages and application packages – including VxWorks; and
  • Command, control and navigation systems for naval vessels – Navy platform for 75 landing craft air cushion (LCAC) marine crafts.
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