Autonomous Vehicles


The level of autonomy has been steadily increasing in our vehicles – both commercial and military, and by 2040 it is predicted that four out of every ten vehicles on the road will be autonomous.

The complexity and dynamic nature of autonomous vehicles places substantial demand on the rigour of software and hardware solutions required to meet mandated standards and customer expectations. Dedicated Systems is positioned to provide you with the right solutions to meet safety, security, interoperability, and rapid data processing requirements, allowing multiple subsystems to be seamlessly move and share information throughout the vehicle in real time.




The global automotive industry continues to embrace the development of Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric (CASE) mobility solutions to maintain their market presence. Leading manufacturers are choosing RTI solutions to connect their high-performance applications in autonomous vehicles, speeding up release to market, lowering development costs, and capably meeting critical safety and security market requirements.

RTI is the logical choice for Dedicated Systems to accelerate the development of next-generation automotive systems based on robust, secure and scalable connectivity. In particular, RTI Connext Drive  is the only standards-based solution that meets the industry stringent safety, security and performance requirements. RTI continues to lead in the automotive space, collaborating with industry standard organisations, such as AUTOSAR and ROS, to develop frameworks underpinned by their own DDS standard.

RTI Connext Drive solution includes …

  • High reliability and exposure with over 1000 deployed systems; and
  • The first complete automotive-grade connectivity software for autonomous vehicle development providing the required framework and middleware for on-vehicle to connected car applications.
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Dedicated Systems recommends the AdaCore suite as its choice of development environment to  prevents the introduction of software errors. With Ada IDEs, tools and subsets, safety-critical systems are produced that are reliable, predictable and readily analysed.

The use of Ada and SPARK languages and associated AdaCore tools provide proven development, verification and certification processes for demanding industries requiring “high assurance” – a critical requirement in autonomous vehicles.

The AdaCore solution space provides strength in …

  • Unambiguous syntax;
  • Removing reliance on pointers;
  • Strong typing;
  • High-level concurrent programming features;
  • Correct data usage,
  • Absence of run-time errors; and
  • Functional correctness against formally specified requirements.
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Dedicated Systems chooses the industry leading CodeSonar® by CodeSecure as its static code analysis tool [SAST] of choice for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for autonomous vehicles, safeguarding mission-critical components from failure an adopting a security-first software design philosophy.

CodeSonar® has been independently certified for use in development of safety-critical software up to the highest safety integrity levels for automotive standards including MISRA and ISO 26262. Risk reductions required to meet applicable Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL) can be achieved, unlocking hidden defects from your supply chain, and reducing your business risks through real-time visibility into your code quality.


CodeSonar® features include …

  • Analysis of both source and binary code, allowing teams to examine complete applications and eliminate defects early in the software development lifecycle; and
  • The ready identification of serious vulnerabilities that could lead to system failures, poor reliability, system breaches, or unsafe conditions.
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With global deployments of its software spanning four decades, Wind River® is the clear choice for Dedicated Systems to provide customer solutions that demand the highest standards of certified safety, security and reliability to support the mission-critical systems of autonomous vehicle solutions.

The Wind River® Automotive Solutions suite combines software, technologies, tools and services to unify and simplify how automotive manufacturers build the next generation of intelligent, connected and autonomous vehicles. Included are tested and certified virtualisation technologies that allow the secure consolidation of computing workloads.

With an extensive global presence exceeding 1000 projects and 650 customers, Wind River® is pioneering the infrastructure technologies delivering secure software-defined systems and improved affordability in numerous programmes.

Wind River® solutions extend to …

  • Over 36,000 level 3 capable automated vehicles; and
  • More than 550 safety certification programs.
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To meet the need of real-time prototyping and testing in the autonomous vehicle market, Dedicated Systems recommends Speedgoat’s state-of-the-art Simulink® and Simulink Real-Time™ – the real-time operating system from MathWorks.

Combined with MathWorks, these solutions from Speedgoat allow continuous verification and validation of your designs along a complete Model-Based Design workflow, including requirements specification, simulation, rapid control prototyping, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation and test automation.

Speedgoat product features include …

a range of high performance multi-core, multi CPU target computers;

configurations optimised to suit applications;

a wide range of analogue I/O modules with DAC and ADC interfaces;

a wide range of vehicle network I/O modules including CAN, CAN-FD, and FlexRay; and

suitability for a broad range of automotive applications extending from passenger and racing cars, through trucks and tractors, and on to excavators and construction machinery.

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With the growth of the autonomous vehicle market, embedded systems are growing in capability and complexity and in many cases have become safety-critical. For these systems, it is essential that the integrity of software assures correct operation, as minor faults have the ability to result in serious injury.

Dedicated Systems chooses Rapita Verification Suite [RVS] to provide software verification solutions that serve the integrity of safety-critical systems in the autonomous vehicle market. RVS has thrived in maintaining its verification performance through three decades of microprocessor evolution to meet the needs of this burgeoning sector.

Rapita Systems are driving autonomous system development through …

MASTECS – collaboration in the multicore analysis service and tools for an embedded critical systems project focussing on advanced software functions such as autonomous driving; and

Advancement of technology readiness level – the MASTECS project aims to advance TRL6 MTA technology to TRL8 by addressing automation, certification, and qualification requirements.

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