The mission critical space sector demands long-term reliability, scalability, configurability, zero-defect software and seamless signal connectivity over vast distances.

With the space industry expanding through cubeSat devices and 5G, Dedicated Systems is positioned to meet customer needs for dynamic real-time solutions through optimally configured software delivering peak performance on state-of-the-art hardware platforms.



Trusted by the world’s leading mission-critical systems, Connext DDS software is Dedicated Systems’ choice for proven integrated space-based solutions.

Deployments to date include …

  • NASA’s selection of the Connext DDS software which currently provides connectivity requirements for signals sent between the vast distances separating space station, satellites and land-based devices.
  • European Space Agency’s selection of RTI for the advanced SPAN telerobotics development platform, where Connext DDS software has been selected to provide seamless real-time closed-loop control over a highly challenged communication link.

Boasting a framework that enables extremely flexible development environment to be built , this solution provides an ideal platform for  mechatronic development teams.

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When it comes to helping developers build mission critical applications extending to the farthest reaches of human exploration, Dedicated Systems recommends AdaCore, who boast a long and proud history of providing tools and expertise to the Space industry.

Success stories for the AdaCore GNAT Pro suite of tools includes …

  • onboard satellite-based instrumentation software;
  • use in the Core Ground System forming the operation base of the European Space Agencies’ Columbus laboratory;
  • safety-critical real-time embedded software for guidance, navigation and control of a the AVIO Vega-C LEO launch rocket; and,
  • software for a Ku-Band communication subsystem of the International Space Station (ISS).

Long term reliability has been a core aspect to the AdaCore product selection in the Space field.

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Dedicated Systems chooses the industry leading CodeSonar® by CodeSecure as its static code analysis tool [SAST] of choice.

With existing applications in the Space sector, CodeSonar® is providing mission critical, zero-defect software removing the risk to human lives and opening the door to once-in-a-lifetime scientific discoveries.

CodeSonar® features include …

  • Analysis of both source and binary code, allowing teams to examine complete applications and eliminate defects early in the software development lifecycle; and
  • The ready identification of serious vulnerabilities that could lead to system failures, poor reliability, system breaches, or unsafe conditions.
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The Rapita Verification Suite [RVS] is providing software verification serving the integrity of critically embedded systems in the Space sector.

In the Space sector, RVS tools have assured software integrity in components such as scheduler control and cache management, ensuring accuracy of program execution time.

RVS has thrived in maintaining its verification performance through three decades of microprocessor evolution to meet the need of a growing sector.

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For 25 years, Wind River® has provided NASA with the most proven software platform – VxWorks®, to bring dozens of unmanned systems to space, resulting in some of the most significant space missions in history.

With the continuing evolution of satellite technology – from small low-orbit satellites to cubeSats, Dedicated Systems recommends Wind River® as the partner of choice to enable this revolution in spacecraft control systems.

Features of the VxWorks® real-time operating system [RTOS] include …

  • a high degree of scalability and configurability, enabling system designers to configure software footprints to match the available resources of underlying hardware platforms.
  • extensive security capabilities to safeguard the systems, connections, data and intellectual property against threats.
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Dedicated Systems recommends United Electronic Industries [UEI] I/O systems for your critical elements in deployed space applications – from the launch pad to the International Space Station. Whether your application is for the military, research, or commercial domain, UEI’s Cubes and RACKtangles have become preferred solutions in this industry.

Feature of UEI products …

  • ideal for simulation, HIL/SIL test labs, engine testing, plus integration and onsite assembly;
  • support all aspects of launch pad control and monitoring systems, including rocket and payload transport monitoring and control, fuel conditioning, propellant monitoring, including rocket vehicle release systems.
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