Medical Devices


The medical area continues to grow its reliance on technology through robotic surgery, life support, diagnostic and monitoring systems, and wearable medical devices. The criticality of many medical devices demands solutions that are reliable and meet international quality standards for life-cycle software development.

Dedicated Systems brings you the right mix of solutions to meet deployments both large and compact, with the reliability, longevity and development rigour expected from the medical industry.




Dedicated Systems chooses the industry leading CodeSonar® by CodeSecure as its static code analysis tool [SAST] of choice. CodeSecure helps customers solve the most challenging software issues, safeguarding embedded mission-critical devices from failure and cyber-attack through their safety and security-first software design philosophy.

CodeSonar® features include …

  • Analysis of both source and binary code, allowing teams to examine complete applications and eliminate defects early in the software development lifecycle;
  • The ready identification of serious vulnerabilities that could lead to system failures, poor reliability, system breaches, or unsafe conditions; and
    IEC 61508, ISO 26262 and EN 50128 certification underpinning safety critical software development for medical applications and devices.
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With proven technology and expertise, Dedicated Systems chooses AdaCore for solutions that supply the assurance demanded by medical device developers, regulators, doctors and patients. This allows medical customers to focus on their core purpose of saving and enhancing human lives.

The AdaCore suite offers a quality development environment that prevents the introduction of software errors. This is achieved through Ada IDEs, tools and subsets for producing safety-critical systems that are reliable, predictable and readily analysed.

Use cases include …

  • Scandinavian Real Heart AB, Total Artificial Heart: A suite of AdaCore software solutions used to develop reliable embedded software for its revolutionary Total Artificial Heart.
  • University of Virginia LifeFlow Left Ventricular Assist Device: software for the prototype using Altran Praxis’ SPARK toolset and AdaCore’s GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition Ada compiler.
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When selecting subracks and components, Dedicated Systems uses nVent Schroff – a leading manufacturer of 19″ inch subrack technology, enclosures, power supplies, backplanes and systems.

nVent Schroff offer proven protection solutions with a wide array of enclosures and other products to meet the needs of the medical industry. In the medical devices area, they have been used to reliably protect anaesthesia systems, scanning microscopes and MRI electronics.

Features of nVent Schroff subrack solutions include …

  • a modular platform configurable for multiple applications in accordance with IEC, IEEE, PICMG and VITA standards;
  • market-leading EMI/EMC shielding;
  • ideal for use in telecommunications, transportation and test and measurement applications; and
  • many accessories available for enhancement.
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Medical scientists and engineers in leading medical companies and research centres use Speedgoat solutions to develop life-saving innovations. Dedicated Systems recommends Speedgoat as specialists in state-of-the-art real-time systems designed for real-time testing using Simulink® and Simulink Real-Time™ – the real-time operating system from MathWorks.

MathWorks and Speedgoat allow you to follow a Model-Based Design workflow from concept to hardware verification using industry-standard tools while using various analogue I/O and digital I/O together with standard communication protocols. Their solutions form a complete environment for areas of rapid control, DSP, vision prototyping, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation, and structural test.

In a sector that demands reliability, usability and safety-critical functionality, the MathWorks-Speedgoat workflow provides the perfect tools for developing scalable processor-intensive applications.

Solutions to date include …

  • Surgical robots;
  • Intensive care equipment;
  • Diagnosis and disease-treatment equipment;
  • Hearing aids;
  • Robotic prostheses;
  • Rehabilitation equipment;
  • Ventricular assist devices; and
  • Bio-medical process machinery.
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With GMS fielding capable, rugged, compact, powerful, precise and reliable computer systems – they are a preferred choice of Dedicated Systems for medical industry solutions.

With high performance medical technologies, such as imaging and diagnostics (MRI, CT, etc.) and precision radiation cancer therapy delivery systems (such as IMRT), GMS delivers optimal platforms for computing intensive and response time critical applications, meeting the expectations of the high performance medical device market.

Medical industry original equipment manufacturers rely on GMS for their longevity, configuration management and supply chain stability supporting their products’ lifecycle.  GMS offers one of the most With a competitive and extensive useful lifecycle bundled with a low cost of ownership, GMS continues grow with the needs of the medical devices industry.

GMS use cases include …

  • BD Biosciences for applications including blood analysers, patient diagnosis and other computer intensive analysis that requires accuracy, guaranteed security, and cost effectiveness
  • Rugged smart displays – both in and out of the field, providing enhanced resistance to common elements that harm normal displays, such as certain chemicals and gases.
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With a portfolio of software products covering areas such as virtualisation and containerisation, Wind River® provides medical device companies with the necessary environment to design safe, secure, and reliable update functions into their devices.

From surgical robots to “smart hospitals” to wearable medical devices and virtual doctor visits, new technology is revolutionising healthcare.  Underpinning this, Wind River® meets stringent industry regulations and standards for safety and security, helping medical technology developers meet these challenges with a portfolio of proven and modern software.

Dedicated Systems recommends Wind River® to meet trusted connected healthcare solutions that better patient health.

Wind River® use cases include …

  • Varian Medical Systems: operating environment including the VxWorks operating system for its leading-edge TrueBeam™ radiotherapy and radiosurgery system.
  • Olympus Surgical: customized hardware support for VxWorks, including a touch-screen driver and host support for the SG-400 high-frequency surgical generator in addition to generating documentation in accordance with EC 62304 and FDA guidance.
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For interconnected medical device solutions, Dedicated Systems chooses RTI. With their Connext DDS solution, the benefits of Industrial IoT, AI and machine learning for integrated solutions may be leveraged to reduce medical errors – a leading cause of deaths.

Systems of medical devices that communicate seamlessly and securely can improve patient outcome, reduce medical errors and lower costs.  RTI provides the connectivity framework for next generation healthcare systems.

RTI Connext DDS use cases include …

  • Medical Imaging: transmission of large volumes of image data providing physicians access to information in real time, while meeting specific regulatory requirements.
  • Medical Robotics: secure, real-time communication between complex system components meeting the demand of highly-reliable, medical robotics applications.
  • Healthcare IIoT: allowing the connected components of an IIoT healthcare system to work as one integrated solution by sharing real-time data reliably and securely.


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