RTI Connext DDS Professional – Industrial IoT Connectivity Platform

Fast, Scalable, and Resilient Software Connectivity Platform

Connext DDS Professional is the leading connectivity framework for demanding IIoT systems. It shares information between devices and applications in real-time, delivering performance, reliability, scalability and security while reducing development and integration time.



Connext DDS Professional is a comprehensive data connectivity framework that simplifies data exchange through a centralised software databus. It connects applications to data – not to each other – for secure and scalable data distribution, synchronisation and management from edge to cloud.

Connext DDS Professional includes a comprehensive set of tools and utilities to provide deep visibility into running systems, accelerate testing, help troubleshoot application connectivity, solve complex data integration problems and speed time to market. From design to production, RTI Connext Tools help ease the entire development lifecycle.

Connext DDS Professional features:

Enterprise Integration Patterns
Supports the fundamental communication patterns in IIoT including data-centric publish-subscribe, request-reply and queuing.

DDS Standard Compliance
Full compliance with the OMG® DDS for Real-Time Systems standard, including the DDS API and network interoperability protocol (DDSI-RTPS).

Industrial Grade Performance and Reliability
Order-of-magnitude performance and reliability through benchmarked latency and throughput tests. Reliable multicast for scalable data distribution.

Connext DDS Professional, based on a connectivity databus, offers a robust framework for developing and integrating mission critical systems. Its data-centric approach eases system integration by allowing applications to interact directly with data objects, freeing developers from having to address lower-level messaging or networking concerns.