Renewable Energy


In recent decades the renewable energy market has grown to consider alternatives to fossil fuels and combat the effects of global climate change. Current market technologies include wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal and modern biofuels, with emerging technology in the areas of bioenergy and ocean energy.

With the advancement of grid strengthening technologies, battery storage and smart technology, the renewable energy market is burgeoning and Dedicated Systems is placed to provide flexible, integrated solutions to meet the evolving needs of this market.




As our power grids continue to modernise, Distributed Energy Sources are incorporated from a variety of sources. Conventional energy generation is supplemented by renewable sources including solar, wind, geothermal and more.

To manage the increasing complexity of this distributed energy architecture, Dedicated Systems recommends RTI products to meet the need for secure, real-time and connected intelligence. RTI’s mission-critical connectivity framework enables data sharing from the smallest energy collection points to large-scale distributed environments for integrated solutions.

In particular, RTI’s Connext DDS solution delivers scalability to manage unpredictable demand, connecting millions of data points per second. With its layered databus architecture, the requirement for servers or message brokers is removed, eliminating the risk of system fail-over or bottlenecks in performance. This distributed layer allows devices from the remote edge to share data with each other, and with the central office.

RTI Connext DDS application areas include …

  • Distributed energy resources for optimal energy production, storage, coordination, system health monitoring and adaptability;
  • Smart grid operations that integrate new and legacy equipment and protocols into a single system; and
  • Energy generation with the capability for scalability, optimal performance, security, fault tolerance and high availability.
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In the energy sector, Speedgoat’s real-time simulation solutions are being used to accelerate projects across transmission and distribution networks, through to microgrids and onboard power systems. As a leading provider to energy technology companies, Speedgoat is the preferred choice for Dedicated Systems solutions.

Through its seamless integration with MathWorks Simscape Electrical™, Speedgoat enables real-time simulation of operational scenarios in a repeatable way. Capability includes design and simulation of onboard electric systems, transmission systems, wind turbine generators, energy storage, relay, and protection systems (IEC61850, DNP3), including interfaces to external power amplifiers. System verification is available using traditional Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing or Power-HIL simulation.

In addition, Speedgoat hardware provides the scalability and cybersecurity measures required to design, simulate and test complex next-generation power systems.

Speedgoat applications to date include …

  • Development of power electronic components and controllers including cooling mechanisms and electrical fault mechanisms;
  • Grid simulation including response to fault insertion;
  • Development of battery management systems utilising battery cell emulation; and
  • Integration of renewable source solutions into the power grid.
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Having provided software for a global array of mission-critical systems spanning four decades, Wind River® is the clear choice for Dedicated Systems to provide customer solutions that demand the highest standards of certified safety, security and reliability in the renewable energy sector.

Wind River® is well-placed to serve the digital transformation underway in the energy sector. Emerging technologies transforming this sector include:

  • Digital Substation Automation – enhancing security and enabling dynamic energy grids to exploit the increasing capability of renewable energies into the energy mix; and
  • Artificial Intelligence – providing real-time data analytics facilitating an understanding of operational energy source usage and power distribution requirements.
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For advanced data acquisition, data logging, and programmable control systems, Dedicated Systems chooses United Electronic Industries (UEI) for your energy and utility plant requirements across both traditional and renewable energy markets.

UEI supplies flexible systems, including standalone or embedded solutions offering localised control, host-based solutions using a primary control host, combination SCADA systems and more, capably meeting the industry requirements and data acquisition objectives demanded for renewable energy solutions.

UEI provide systems geared for energy production and monitoring functions including …

  • meter reading;
  • temperature monitoring;
  • power generation efficiency; and
  • wind turbine monitoring.
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