Communications & Networking


With increasing capability in technology, requirements for communication and networking are growing both in complexity and demand across civil and military sectors. Technological advancement has driven services typically performed by dedicated hardware toward virtualised products including virtual routing and forwarding (VRF), and virtual radio access networks (vRAN).

As the release of 5G technology drives a performance shift in IoT (Internet of Things), Dedicated Systems is well-positioned to meet your future needs with networking solutions serving communication requirements across billions of connected devices, intelligently trading off speed, latency and cost.




For the Communications and Networking market, Dedicated Systems recommends Wind River® Linux as the industry-leading embedded Linux development platform, with a comprehensive and mature suite of products, tools, and lifecycle services to build and support intelligent edge devices.

Wind River® Linux delivers all the essential technologies to build powerful, flexible, responsive, stable, and secure embedded platforms to effectively run the most demanding of networks. You are afforded  the rapid deployment of solutions, lower operating costs, and delivery of the performance, security, and reliability that your customers expect.

Wind River® Linux provides …

  • Solutions for the majority of current 5G radio access networks (RAN) and is catering to the virtual RAN solution space of tomorrow;
  • Solutions serving the ultra-low latency requirements of the 5G use case; and
  • Carrier grade Linux features inclusive of a comprehensive Test Suite.
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For over 30 years, Abaco Systems has been delivering innovative solutions that are rugged, powerful, flexible, modular, secure, simple and proven for leading defence industry clients to meet the needs of Communications and Networking projects.

Dedicated Systems supplies Abaco’s development platforms and rugged FPGA based systems to facilitate a rapid migration path from the lab to the field – without having to re-architect an entire system.

FPGA product features include …

  • Boards built on open standards and a high degree of configurability that address a wide range of applications and avoid the need for custom in-house developments;
  • Mezzanine cards that provide modular high performance I/O, including …
    • high bandwidth ADCs and DACs via RF system-on-chip (RFSoC) technology,
    • Gigabit Ethernet for digital communications, and
    • clock and trigger distribution for multi-board synchronisation.
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For subrack and component needs in the Communications and Networking market, Dedicated Systems uses Schroff – a leading manufacturer of 19″ subrack technology, enclosures, power supplies, backplanes and systems.

Adopting a flexible design approach, Schroff solutions readily enable customisation of subracks, VME and cPCI chassis from single units to large requirements. Their products range in application from laboratory based systems to ruggedised military mobile deployment on land, air and sea requiring solutions with high shock and vibration resistance or specific EMI/RFI compliance.

nVent Schroff subrack solutions include …

  • are commonly used in applications across  military, telecommunications, transportation, and test and measurement;
  • feature market-leading EMI/EMC shielding; and
  • include many accessories available for enhancement.
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High performance embedded computing (HPEC) and network switching are at the core of robust communications applications. Dedicated Systems supplies Interface Concept solutions – a proven provider in serving the requirements of demanding applications in the Communications and Networking market.

Interface Concept develop and manufacture COTS and modified COTS boards and systems to provide rugged and flexible building blocks to meet the needs of diverse HPEC solution requirements.

The HPEC range of Interface Concept products includes …

  • Rugged Ethernet switches;
  • High performance single board computers;
  • FPGA processing boards; and
  • Graphic and storage modules.
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Dedicated Systems recommends RTI software for standards-compliant connectivity – currently the foundation for hundreds of mission-critical system designs globally. In particular, RTI’s Connext DDS supports many-to-many communication solutions with individual stream Quality of Service (QoS) control, making it the ideal platform for communications applications ranging from software defined networking (SDN) to multichannel video, and space data links.

RTI Connext DDS features include …

  • sustained, high-speed communications between communication endpoints – within an individual process or suite of globally distributed processes;
  • support for multiple publishers and subscribers in a single session and network multicast where capable;
  • high adaptability for modern diverse communication environments.

Deployments of Connext DDS include …

  • Space communications at NASA – used in space robots and ground stations to overcome barriers inherent in such low bandwidth, high delay and high loss links;
  • Harmonic Broadcast Switching –  provide a high-performance, reliable, scalable solution to distribute programming across the switch network; and
  • Exelis Emergency Communications – used by emergency services in the military and civilian sectors to connect seamlessly over wireless links.
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