Functional testing for critical software


RapiTest is a unit/system testing tool that reduces the effort needed for embedded software testing. By offering a variety of powerful test authoring formats and injecting and running tests automatically, RapiTest streamlines test development and execution


Key Features

  • Functional testing
    – Run functional tests of software at the unit, integration and system level.
  • Efficient test generation
    – Reduce the time needed to write and execute tests.
  • Powerful test formats
    – Write simple and complex tests easily using user-friendly formats.
  • Flexible stubbing
    – Apply stub, mock, spy, fake and dummy behaviour to functions.
  • White box testing
    – Observe and test behaviour while functions execute, not just at function boundaries.
  • Black box testing
    – Run functional tests without modifying object code.
  • Access private objects
    – Test and stub private objects without needing specific test code to expose them.
  • Multi-threaded testing
    – Test multi-threaded, non-deterministic software and identify potential race conditions in your code.

  • Automate testing on host and target
    Run tests on host computers and test rigs in continuous build environments.
  • Efficient integration workflow
    Configure integrations of RVS into your development environment quickly and easily.
  • Rapita Verification Suite (RVS) Project Manager
    Take your test project from creation to completion with an intuitive user-interface.
  • Shared integration with RVS tools
    After integrating one RVS tool to work a development environment, it is trivial to use others.
  • Portable test environments
    Multiple users can share the same test environment.
  • Easily configurable analysis
    Apply analysis settings easily using a friendly user interface.
  • Configurable export formats
    Export test results in a variety of formats.

  • Source code viewer
    – View source code with syntax highlighting and colour-coding of results.
  • Easily filter results
    Easily filter results to focus your analysis.
  • Advanced search function
    – Search reports for specific elements using advanced queries.

  • Integrate with existing build systems
    – Collect data from almost any build system.
  • Compiler wrappers
    – The recommended build integration strategy requires little if any change to the development environment.
  • Clone integration
    – Copy the build system to build and test code with RVS.

  • Jenkins
    – Run RVS automatically through Jenkins to collect and archive results.
  • Bamboo
    – Run RVS automatically through Bamboo to collect and archive results.
  • AdaTEST
    – A straightforward migration path helps you upgrade from AdaTEST.

  • Flexible integration strategies
    – Collect data from almost any embedded target with flexible collection strategies.
  • Multi-core support
    – Verify critical multi-core systems.
  • Lauterbach debugger
    – Collect verification data from LauterbachTM debuggers.
  • iSYSTEM debugger
    – Collect verification data from iSYSTEMTM debuggers.

  • C
    – Support for C, Visual StudioTM, GCCTM, DiabTM and TASKINGTM compilers among others.
  • C++
    – Support for C++, Visual StudioTM, GCCTM, DiabTM and TASKINGTM compilers among others.
  • Ada
    – Support for Ada 95, 2005 and 2012, GNAT ProTM and Green HillsTM compilers among others.
  • Mixed language support
    – Support for mixed languages in the same code base.
  • Assembly
    – Support for testing Assembly code.

  • DO-178B/C qualification kit
    – Qualification kits available for use in DO-178B/C projects.
  • ISO 26262 qualification kit
    – Qualification kits available for use in ISO 26262 projects.
  • Qualified target integration kit
    – Additional evidence to qualify the use of RVS in your development environment.
  • Assurance issue notification
    – We notify you of issues that may affect the validity of your results as soon as we identify them.