GNAT PRO GPS – GNAT Programming Studio

GPS is GNAT Pro’s integrated development environment and streamlines your software development process from the initial coding stage through testing, debugging, system integration, and maintenance. Built entirely in Ada, GPS is designed to allow programmers to get the most out of GNAT Pro technology.

Key Features

  • Extensive navigation and analysis tools can generate call graphs, source dependencies, project organisation, and complexity metrics, giving a thorough understanding of the program at multiple level
  • GPS lets you import existing projects from other Ada implementations while adhering to their file naming conventions and retaining your directory organisation
  • GPS can handle components written in C and C++
  • Supports remote programming
  • Management of complexity through tools that provide specialised views of the program components and their interrelationships
  • Ease of learning through a platform-independent visual interface
  • Automation of the program build process through a project manager tool that offers complete control over switch settings, file location, etc.
  • Ease of debugging through a fully integrated visual debugger
  • Support for configuration management through an interface to 3rd-party version control systems
  • Adaptability through facilities that allow GPS to be extended or tailored
  • Compatibility of new versions of GPS with older versions of GNAT Pro