GNAT Pro C++

GNAT Pro C++ is a complement to GNAT Pro for Ada in the context of multi-language development. It offers all the tools necessary for C++ development and is fully integrated with the other GNAT Pro for Ada and C solutions.


GNAT Pro is a robust and flexible C++ development environment. It comprises:

  • Rich suite of tools including the C++ compiler based on GNU G++ technology fully integrated with the GNAT Pro for Ada compiler
  • The GNAT Programming Studio IDE offering advanced navigational (including call graphs) and edition capabilities, and both C++ and mixed Ada/C++ debugging
  • GPRbuild, an advanced software tool designed to help automate the construction of mixed Ada/C++ systems
  • Binding generators automatically producing Ada bindings from C++ headers
  • Ability to create mixed language classes and thus mixed language object-orientated applications

Major Features Include

  • Full C++ Compiler
  • Frontline Support
  • GNAT Tracker – Customer Web Server
  • GNAT Programming Studio – IDE
  • GPRbuild
  • Utilities for Code Navigation
  • Visual Debugger
  • Binding generator from C++ to Ada