GNATbench – Ada Development Plug-In for Eclipse and Wind River Systems Workbench

GNATbench, the GNAT Pro Ada plug-in for Eclipse, brings the advantages of AdaCore’s GNAT Pro toolset to the Eclipse development environment framework. GNATbench provides the functionality and capabilities one expects from the Eclipse IDE with the standard look and feel that facilitates learning and ease of use.

GNATbench supports both stand-alone Eclipse and Workbench, the Wind River Systems (WRS) extension to Eclipse for embedded systems development. The Workbench integration supports Ada development using the numerous kinds of VxWorks real-time operating systems provided by WRS. The stand-alone version is primarily for native development but also supports cross development (except for VxWorks development, in which Workbench use is intended). In both cases the Ada tools are tightly integrated.

The stand-alone version of GNATbench provides a dedicated builder for building systems written in Ada. Errors and warnings are indicated in the Problems view, as usual. Individual files may be compiled as well. Native as well as cross GNAT compilers are supported.

For debugging, the stand-alone version enhances the C/C++ Development tools (CDT) graphical debugger interface for Ada-specific constructs, such as tasks, and is fully Ada-aware using an enhanced GDB debugger engine provided by GNAT.

Ada developers, whether using GNAT projects for stand-alone Eclipse or Wind River Workbench, can also use the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) on those projects without requiring a change to project definition or organization.