GNAT Pro Native – Native Development

GNAT Pro supports the widest range of native platforms of any Ada development technology. Its powerful integrated development environment, GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) is available on all configurations (either in native or remote mode) and streamlines the switch between platforms and programming languages through its common user interface.

Full Ada 2012 Implementation

GNAT Pro has implemented all of the major features included in Ada 2012, the latest revision of the Ada language. With Ada 2012, Ada continues to be on the cutting edge of programming language design. Some of the new features include:

  • Conditional expressions, Case expressions
  • Quantified expressions
  • In-out parameters for functions
  • Expression functions
  • Preconditions and postconditions
  • Type invariants
  • Subtype predicates
  • Expression functions
  • Multiprocessor affinity, barriers
  • Re-queue on synchronized interfaces
  • Ravenscar for multiprocessor systems
  • Vector/matrix libraries