GNAT Pro Embedded – Embedded Development

GNAT Pro provides reliability, performance, and portability in real-time embedded environments. Developing for cross-platforms is traditionally more complex than developing for native platforms. This is often due to interoperability issues between development environments. GNAT Pro facilitates this task by providing a common interface for both native and cross development. The GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) can switch from native to cross development in a single-click operation, thus allowing for a more streamlined and efficient software building process.

An Ada Run-time for Performance

GNAT Pro’s Ada run-time is tightly integrated with the underlying OS. By directly mapping the Ada abstractions to the OS constructs wherever possible, it prevents unnecessary overhead and allows the OS to directly manage the Ada resources such as tasks or scheduling activities.

The Ada Solution for Embedded Software Development

GNAT Pro provides a complete Ada development environment that can be fully integrated into Wind River’s toolsuite and execution platform at all levels. Ada applications can also be manipulated and analysed through Wind River’s WindSh shell, the Tornado browser, Wind View, Memscope, Profilescope, Tracescope, and Stethoscope.

Ada 2012

GNAT Pro has implemented all of the major features included in Ada 2012, the latest revision of the Ada language. With Ada 2012, Ada continues to be on the cutting edge of programming language design.