GNAT Pro Ada

GNAT Pro is a robust and flexible Ada development environment. It comprises a full Ada compiler (Ada 2012/2005/95/83 features) based on the GNU GCC technology, an Integrated Development Environment (GNAT Programming Studio), a comprehensive toolsuite including a visual debugger, and a set of libraries and bindings.


GNAT Programming Studio – IDE

The GNAT Programming Studio Integrated Development Environment is the portal to the GNAT Pro toolchain. It provides easy integration with third party tools.

Full Ada Compiler (Ada 83/Ada 95/Ada 2005/Ada 2012)

The GNAT Ada compiler includes the Ada 83/Ada 95/Ada 2005 front-end, the GCC code generator, the binder, linker, and run-time library. All of these components, except for the code generator, are written in Ada, and are completely target-independent.

Utilities for Analysis, Testing and Code Navigation

Extensive navigation and analysis tools can generate a variety of useful information including call graphs, source dependencies, project organisation and complexity metrics, giving you a thorough understanding of your program at multiple levels.

Ada – Java Interfacing Suite

The Ada-Java Interfacing Suite is a collection of GNAT Pro add-on tools for combining native Ada code with Java applications that run on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Through these tools you can call natively-compiled Ada from Java, and call Java from native Ada programs.

Visual Debugger

GNAT Pro’s visual debugger provides not just the traditional data display/tracking and execution control facilities, but also advanced capabilities such as task-specific monitoring, debugging at the source or assembly level, and a remote interface for debugging an embedded target

Libraries and Bindings

Supplementing the standard Ada API, GNAT Pro includes packages for services such as operating system interfaces, text manipulation and pattern matching, data structures and algorithms, and I/O operations.

Runtime Profiles

Customised run-time libraries, available on a platform-specific basis, that are especially relevant to safety-critical systems.

GNATbench – Plug-In for Eclipse

GNATbench brings the advantages of AdaCore’s GNAT Pro toolset to Wind River’s Workbench integrated development environment for embedded systems running VxWorks.

Coding Standard Verification Tool – GNATcheck

GNATcheck is an extensible rule-based tool with an easy-to-use interface. It allows developers to completely define a coding standard (referred to as a “Software Code Standard” in DO-178B) as a set of rules, for example a subset of permitted language features. It verifies a program’s conformance with the resulting rules and thereby facilitates demonstration of a system’s compliance with DO-178B.

XML library – XML/Ada

This object-oriented XML/Ada library helps you develop applications for parsing and processing XML streams, with a SAX implementation that lets you convert such streams into application-specific data representations.


GPRbuild is a software tool designed to help automate the construction of multi-language systems.

GNAT Component Collection

A suite of reusable software components and utilities. It has been used by AdaCore in developing the GNAT Pro Toolset, the GPS Integrated Development Environment, and GNAT Tracker, its web-based customer support interface.


GNATdashboard allows developers keep technical debt in check, supports quality assurance activities, integrates and aggregates results of AdaCore’s static and dynamic analysis tools.