UEI-HUMS1 – Health & Usage Monitoring System

UH-1N Health & Usage Monitoring System

The UEI-HUMS1 is a powerful Health and Usage Monitoring systems based on UEI’s COTS UEIPAC 800-MIL 8-slot I/O chassis. The unit includes 8 I/O boards selected specifically to match the UH-1N application.



  • Military/Rugged 38999 connectivity
  • 100% COTS solution based on UEI’s UEIPAC 800-MIL
  • Tested to DO-160 and MIL-STD-810
  • 5 g vibration, 100 g shock, sealed to IP66
  • Dual GigE ports supporting bonded/teamed redundancy
  • Designed for MIL-STD-461/1275 compliance
  • Compact design fits in compartment under UH-1N floor
  • MTBF > 27,000 hours
  • Flexible programming options to meet your requirements
  • Keyed/clocked I/O connectors
  • 10-Year Availability Guarantee

The specific I/O boards included in the UEI-HUMS1 are:

  • Slot 1 — DNR-DIO-449, 48 channel 0-150V digital input board
  • Slot 2 — DNR-AI-255, 2 channel synchro/resolver board
  • Slot 3 — DNR-AI-228-300, 16 channel, isolated 300V analog input board
  • Slot 4 — DNR-AI-255, 2 channel synchro/resolver board
  • Slot 5 — DNR-429-566, 12 channel ARINC-429 interface
  • Slot 6 — DNR-AI-255, 2 channel synchro/resolver board
  • Slot 7 — DNR-AI-248-230, 24 channel A/D board
  • Slot 8 — DNR-VR-608, 8 channel rotational speed board

Designed for use in the toughest environments, the new chassis is an ideal solution for military and aerospace deployments. The form factor is also ideal for a huge assortment of commercial applications including use on oil drilling platforms and refineries, heavy machinery, shipboard control, outdoor test stands and any other I/O application that will be exposed to the elements.
When deployed the UEI-HUMS1 runs an application on a Linux operating system. This allows unit to both run stand alone control operations as well as part of a SCADA system controlled by an external host computer.


The Linux application in conjunction with the unit’s dual Ethernet ports allows the link to the host PC to be implemented in a fully redundant network. This software is 100% customizable by the customer.