DNx-AI-228-300 – High voltage, Fully Isolated A/D Board

8-Channel, high voltage, fully isolated A/D board


The DNx-AI-228-300 is an 8-channel fully isolated, high voltage, simultaneously sampling A/D board. The DNx-AI-228-300 features a ±300 VDC input range and 24-bit resolution. This provides ±35.8 µV resolution over the ±300 VDC, G=1 input range.



  • 150 Hz low pass filter
  • 25 channels
  • 24-bit resolution
  • One channel can be used for CJC
  • 5 S/s to 1000 S/s sampling rates
  • Differential inputs of ±1.25V
  • Direct connection to thermocouples (using DNA-STP-AI-U terminal panel)
  • Ideal for seismic testing, high-precision weight and temperature measurement

An A/D per channel configuration allows channels to be sampled simultaneously at rates up to 120 kS/s each (480 kS/s max aggregate entire board). The A/D per channel configuration virtually eliminates input cross talk and channel settling time issues even when connected to high impedance signal sources.

Software included with the DNx-AI-228-300 provides a comprehensive yet easy to use API that supports all popular Windows programming languages as well as supporting programmers using Linux and most real-time operating systems including QNX, INtime, RT Linux, VXworks and more.

Finally, the UEIDAQ Framework supplies complete support for those creating applications in data acquisition software packages such as LabVIEW, MATLAB/Simulink, or any application which supports ActiveX or OPC servers.

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