DNx-DIO-449 – High Voltage 48-Channel Digital Input Board

High Voltage 48-Channel Digital Input Layer for the PowerDNR Cube


The DNx-DIO-449 is a 48 channel, high performance AC and DC digital input board designed for use in a wide variety of digital monitoring applications. The board’s inputs are divided into two 24-bit ports, each of which presents its data in a 24-bit read. This simplifies programming and maximizes throughput.



  • ±150 VDC / 150 VAC input range
  • Sample rate of 1 kS/sec
  • Programmable input transition levels & hysteresis
  • Change of state detection with 200 μS accuracy
  • 350 VAC isolation
  • Monitors contacts without external components
  • Programmable debounce intervals

Guardian Series Diagnostics

  • Analog voltage measurement on each channel
  • Internal test signal injection for self-test

The DNx-DIO-449 is equipped with the “Guardian advantage”, a UEI feature that provides powerful diagnostic capabilities. When enabled, Guardian diagnostic circuitry can inject a test signal at the channel input, allowing the full input hardware chain to be tested for proper functionality. The analog voltage measurement capability is also a powerful installation and diagnostic tool, allowing quick and accurate detection of short and open circuits as well marginal or failing drive circuitry.

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