DNx-AI-248-230 – 24-Channel Analog Input

24-Channel Analog Input


The DNx-AI-248-230 (DNA-AI-248-230, DNR-AI-248-230, DNF-AI-248-230) are 24 channel differential analog input boards, for use in UEI’s chassis. The -2 to +32 Volt input range makes the AI-248-230 an ideal measurement solution in a host of automotive, aerospace and power generation applications where most DAQ product’s 10 volts maximum input range cannot be used without external signal conditioning.



  • 24 differential analog input channels
  • Maximum sampling rate of 250 Hz per channel
  • 18-bit resolution
  • -2 V to +30 V full scale inputs
  • 350 Vrms Isolation
  • Dynamic autozero support
  • Embedded averaging engine

The DNx-AI-248-230 provides sample rates as high as 250 sample per second on each channel (6 k/s aggregate). Another great feature, the oversampling engine, allows DNx-AI-248-230 to automatically acquire as many samples as possible for the given gain/speed and average them, thus dramatically improving noise immunity.

The DNx-AI-248-230 offers 350 Vrms of isolation between itself and other I/O boards as well as between the I/O connections and the chassis. Like all UEI “Cube” compatible I/O boards, the DNA-AI-248 offers operation in extreme environments and has been tested to 5g vibration, 100g shock, from -40 to +85 ºC temperatures and at altitudes up to 70,000 feet.

The DNx-AI-248 is supported by a complete software “suite” including support for Windows, Linux and all popular RTOS. Windows support is provided by the UEIDAQ Framework which includes a simple and complete software interface to all popular Windows programming languages and DAQ applications including LabVIEW and MATLAB.

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