DNx-VR-608 – 8-Channel Variable Reluctance and Counter Interface

8-Channel Variable Reluctance and Counter Interface


The DNx-VR-608 is an 8-channel, variable reluctance sensor interface board compatible with UEI’s Cube, RACKtangle and FlatRACK chassis. The boards are designed for use in a wide variety of motion and rotation monitoring applications



  • Wide input ranges (50 mV to 250 V p-p)
  • 300 kHz maximum pulse rate
  • Inter-tooth timing allows acceleration tracking
  • Adaptive Threshold input mode
  • True zero cross detection inputs
  • High/Low tooth index detection

The DNx-VR-608 provides a unique and powerful signal conditioner mode where the VR/Hall inputs are conditioned and made available as TTL compatible digital outputs. For applications where the VR-608 is primarily used as a signal conditioner, the input to Dout mapping can be set to start running at power up, even if the host Cube or RACK is not running any applications software.

Frequency/Timed Count
Returns the velocity in RPM based on the number of teeth detected per unit time

N pulses
Returns velocity in RPM based on the time taken to detect N teeth

Z/Index pulse
Measure the number of teeth and the time elapsed between two Z/Index pulses

Inter-tooth time
Measures the time differential between teeth with a resolution of 15.2 nS at a counter depth of 32 bits

I/O Chassis
Model No.


RACKtangle ®


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