RTI Connext DDS – Connectivity Platform for Industrial IoT

Connectivity to control and monitor demanding industrial IoT systems

Develop Distributed Apps

  • High level APIs for data sharing, publish-subscribe, request-reply, and queuing simplify communication.
  • Libraries support all major programming languages and operating systems.

Integrate Everything

  • Connect new and existing assets with a fast, scalable and secure integration bus
  • Adapt to disparate protocols
  • Write apps to a unified API and data model decoupled from underlying devices’ native interfaces

Implement an Open Architecture

  • Reduce integration and upgrade costs with modularity and loose coupling
  • DDS compliant pub/sub provides interfaces and plug-and-play interoperability between system components

Decentralised for Ultra-High Performance, Scalability and Availability

Apps and devices automatically discover each other and talk peer-to-peer, including over reliable multicast, without needing message brokers or servers. The result:

  • Latency in the microseconds, even with many subscribers
  • Throughput of millions of messages per second
  • Non-stop availability with no single point of failure
  • Autonomous operation with no administration
New apps use the DDS API. Legacy apps can use Routing Service.

Share Data from the Edge to the Cloud

Run Over Any Transport

Communicate reliably over any network type and transport protocol, including:

  • Shared memory within an intelligent machine
  • UDP multicast on a LAN
  • TCP or TLS over the Internet
  • Non-IP radio or satellite links in the field

Efficiently Route Data

Intelligently bridge data across networks, transport protocols and security domains with RTI Routing Service, a smart software agent. It inspects message contents and only forwards subscribed data. It can also downsample and prioritise data when volume exceeds link capacity.

Deploy Analytics Anywhere

Run analytics and control apps where it makes most sense: at the edge or in the cloud. Apps don’t change – they are independent of physical proximity and the underlying transport.

Easily move intelligence to the edge to process more data with lower latency and greater autonomy.

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