RTI Connext DDS Cert – Safety-Certifiable Connectivity Platform

Safety-Certifiable Connectivity Platform

Connext® DDS Cert is a safety-certifiable communications infrastructure with an available DO-178C Level A Certification Package. Based on the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard, its run-time libraries provide developers with high-level publish/subscribe communication APIs that simplify application logic while eliminating the need for custom networking code.


  • Compliance with stringent safety certification standards
  • Reusable certification evidence available for DO-178C Level A
  • Implementation of DDS API and network protocol
  • No need for custom communication and networking code
  • High-level publish/subscribe APIs to simplify application logic
  • Support for FACE Security Profile
  • Availability of FACE Transport Services Segment (TSS)
  • Small memory footprint
  • Bundled source code
  • High portability across operating systems and CPUs
  • Completely decentralised architecture with no message brokers
  • UDP multicast for efficient broad data distribution
  • Pluggable transport interface for other connection types

Because of demanding requirements, safety-critical systems have traditionally used custom software to communicate between different subsystems, applications, and modules. Developing this software and any necessary certification evidence is time consuming and expensive. The software must support systems’ real-time, reliability and resilience requirements. It must also be certifiable. On top of this, producing certification artifacts can take months to years of additional effort.

Complete Commercially Supported Certification Package

Connext DDS Cert significantly reduces the time and cost required to develop distributed safety-critical systems. It includes an off-the-shelf connectivity library that eliminates the need to develop custom communications code and any requisite certification evidence. It is available with a complete Certification Package for DO-178C Design Assurance Level A (DAL A), one of the most stringent safety standards. This evidence also provides the basis for certification to other standards including IEC 61508 for industrial systems, IEC 60601 for medical devices and ISO 26262 for automotive systems.

Advanced Publish/Subscribe Capabilities with Real-Time Quality of Service

Connext DDS Cert replaces traditional low-level networking code with high-level publish/subscribe Application Programming Interfaces (API). Modules communicate by simply publishing the data and commands they produce and subscribing to the data they need. Connext DDS Cert handles all of the communication details, including discovery and presence detection, messaging, routing, redundancy, failover, serialisation, and state synchronisation for late joiners. For time-critical applications, Connext DDS Cert provides real-time Quality of Service control and visibility.

Compliance with Industry-Leading Standard – DDS

Connext DDS Cert is a completely standards based solution. Its API and network protocol support the OMG DDS standard. Application code is portable across Connext DDS Cert and other DDS implementations. Connext DDS Cert also interoperates peer-to-peer with Connext DDS Professional and Connext DDS Micro, and with other DDS solutions using RTI Routing Service as a bridge.

Open Architecture and Interoperability

Support for well-defined and interoperable interfaces make Connext DDS Cert a foundation for a modular open systems architecture (MOSA), thus reducing ongoing integration, maintenance and upgrade costs. Its DDS compliance aligns with many Open Architecture (OA) initiatives, including the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE), UAS Control Segment (UCS) Architecture, and Open Mission Systems (OMS).