RTI Connext Drive – Connectivity Solution for Autonomous Vehicle Development

The First Complete Automotive-Grade Connectivity Solution for Autonomous Vehicle Development

For automakers building the vehicles of tomorrow, the race to market is already on. And from now on, every decision – from design to prototype to production – needs to be the right one. After all, the agility to move at top speed is vital in the fast-paced world of autonomous vehicle development, at every stage of the project.

From research to production, Connext Drive offers automakers the software they need to operate in diverse real-time environments, interoperate with other systems within the vehicle, connect to off-vehicle systems and build in automotive-grade security.


RTI Connext Drive is built on Data Distribution Service (DDS), the proven connectivity standard recommended by AUTOSAR Adaptive and ROS2 for autonomous vehicles.
Connext Drive is the first – and only – software that can integrate DDS, ROS 2, AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive. This allows automotive companies to work with the standard (or standards) that best meets their needs at different points in the development cycle. Connext Drive includes a software framework and native Software Development Kit for developing and integrating autonomous drive applications.
Automakers receive automatic access to product updates, such as new reference architectures and data models, development and integration guides and optional ISO 26262 ASIL D safety-certified libraries. These resources can significantly reduce the risk of deploying autonomous vehicles in safety-critical situations.
Connext Drive is flexible to build for a future of unknowns through its standard-based architecture that can future-proof autonomous vehicle development. It uses DDS, the data-centric framework that has been proven in thousands of real-world deployments. Connext Drive delivers years of experience in enabling mission-critical, autonomous systems across industries, as a simple-to-access package for automakers. Connext Drive is ready to solve challenges – even the ones not yet thought of or planned.