RTI Connext DDS Micro – Lightweight Messaging Solution

Small-Footprint Messaging Software for Resource-Constrained Applications

Connext DDS Micro is the connectivity framework for resource-constrained real-world applications. It meets stringent size, weight, and power requirements with performance, scalability, reliability and security well beyond the reach of traditional connectivity frameworks—all within a DDS standard-compliant framework.

Connext DDS Micro is the first connectivity software designed for resource-constrained applications in real-world systems. It provides a small-footprint connectivity framework for IIoT devices that have minimal memory and CPU power, and that may not even have an operating system. Connext DDS Micro simultaneously satisfies demanding real-time performance requirements with meeting stringent resource constraints. By abstracting out low-level networking and communication details, it reduces development costs to minimise the amount of custom connectivity or integration code that developers would otherwise have to create.


Provided as portable source code with minimal operating system dependencies; example ports available for all common CPUs and operating systems, as well as bare metal devices with no OS.

Self-contained and easy-to-embed library; communication does not require centralised message brokers or daemon processes for low latency and high scalability with no single point of failure.

All memory utilisation is fixed based on resource constraints; no dynamic memory allocation is required; efficient serialisation and compact wire representation also minimise CPU and network overheard.

Peer-to-Peer Communication
By utilising true peer-to-peer data exchanges, no servers, message brokers or daemons can act as single points of failure.

Plug-and-Play Communication
Devices and applications are automatically discovered and connected at run-time, allowing use in autonomous, dynamic and ad hoc intelligent systems.

Real-Time Quality of Service
Applications have comprehensive control over and visibility into real-time behaviour, including timing, deadlines, resource utilisation and system state.

Optimised Publish/Subscribe
Data can be reliably multicast to multiple applications and devices for extremely efficient streaming data distribution.

Standards-based solution based on Object Management Group Data Distribution Service programming interface and RTPS wire interoperability protocol. Complies with DDS Security and demonstrates interoperability with other DDS implementations.