RTI Connext DDS Micro – Small-Footprint Messaging Software for Resource-Constrained Applications

Small-Footprint Messaging Software for Resource-Constrained Applications

RTI Connext DDS Micro provides a small-footprint modular messaging solution for resource-limited devices that have minimal memory, Flash, CPU power, or no operating system. Connext DDS Micro simultaneously satisfies demanding real-time performance requirements along with stringent resource constraints. By abstracting out low-level networking and communication details and providing a flexible integration framework, Connext DDS Micro minimises the amount of device- or application-specific code that has to be created and reduces development costs.

Features and Benefits

  • Small memory footprint
  • User-configurable feature set through build options
  • Support for low-power CPUs
  • Scalability from embedded 16-bit microcontrollers to multicore 64-bit CPUs
  • Bundled source code
  • Pre-built support for Linux (x86), Windows, FreeRTOS (ARM), VxWorks (PowerPC) and devices without OS (ARM)
  • Portability to other embedded or real-time operating systems
  • Completely decentralised and easy-to-embed architecture with no message brokers or daemon processes
  • Standards compliant: based on DDS programming interface and RTPS wire interoperability protocol
Modular user-configurable architecture enables developers to trade off available features and footprint.