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Unfortunately Tech Days 2020 is on hold as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – a number of the presenters are planning to release webinars over coming weeks / months.  If you have a specific area of interest or would like more information about upcoming webinars email [email protected] or call 04 04 123 711

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    Exhibition 8.30am - 3.30pm9.30am Modernising modeling, simulation and training systems - Dr Howard Wang - RTI10.30am Verifying multicore timing behavior for DO-178C - Dr Guillem Bernat - Rapita Systems11.15am Secure the creation of next-generation digital systems on earth and beyond - Kiran Kumar - Wind River12.45am Next Generation Graphics - GPU Shader & Compute Libraries - Core AVI1.30pm Left-shift embedded software development & testing - Kiran Kumar - Wind River2.00pm Scaling with Qt, from Design to Development and Deployment - Sumitabh Ghosh - Qt2.45pm System Engineering: Requirements to Architecture to Simulation - Mathworks

    9am-1pm Workshop - 4 Ways to use RTI Routing Service - Dr Howard Wang

    9am-12.30pm Revolutionising Embedded Software Development & Upgrading & Refreshing Legacy Systems - Kiran Kumar