Dedicated Systems Newsletter #35 – January 2013

Posted: January 29, 2013

Dedicated Systems Newsletter #35 – January 2013

Inside this issue:

1. ELMA: Front Removable VME and CPCI Storage Boards

2. RTI: Top Five Webinars of 2012

3. 4DSP: New FMC Modules

4. AdaCore: GNAT Pro solves Data Endianness Portability Challenge

5. Wind River: NASA relies on Wind River Simulation Technology for Long-Term Cost Savings

6. EKF: SC1 – CPCI Serial SBC – Intel® Core™ i7-3xxx Processor

7. BittWare: Special Pricing for Altera Stratix® V FPGA PCIe Board for OpenCL Development

8. Schroff: CPCI Serial Backplanes