Working from home

Posted: March 30, 2020

Hoping everyone is coping OK during difficult times.

Here at Dedicated Systems we’ve been working from home , helping to flatten the curve.  Our experts are on hand to answer your questions, discuss any requirements or to simply add some colour to your day.

Call us for a chat (08) 8299 9333
[email protected]

Cindy Potter



Cindy has a wealth of experience and a background in Defence Research & Comms. She’s our expert for:

• FPGA Development & Model Based Design
• VPX Backplanes & System Integration
• Gardening advice


Cindy enjoys basketball but is currently restricted to watching the kids play hoops in the backyard.

Joe Salerno

Our “7-Zark-7” ever reliable and setting the pace to ensure that we are “always five acting as one”. Reach out to Joe if you are in need of:


  • A software quote / payment information
  • Information about data acquisition
  • Movie recommendation

Joe loves Sci-Fi, Gaming and has an amazing ear for music.

Oliver Francis Roch 

If you need to get hardware into the country, reliably and on time, then Ollie is your guy.  He provide’s sound advice when:

  • Choosing 19” subracks & cabinets
  • Discussing Avionics Databus MIL_STD_1553 & ARINC429 analysers
  • Cooking up traditional Indian fare

Oliver has some busy times ahead expecting the birth of his first child in July.

David Robinson

With extensive systems & software experience both in Defence and the Commercial world Dave can help with:

  • Software Development  (Ada, C/C++, DDS)
  • Systems Engineering
  • Futurama quotes


Dave is an enthusiastic MAMIL managing to get out for a ride in the Adelaide Hills during lunch breaks.

John Salerno

I started in the embedded industry in 1999 after a short unsuccessful acting career

During that time I’ve seen technologies come and go and then come back again.  I can best help you with


  • Legacy upgrades & obsolescence planning
  • Understanding software licencing
  • Real-Time Operating Systems & VxWorks
  • An endless supply of dad jokes
+61 8 8299 9333