Updated UEI 2023 Quick Reference Guide

Posted: November 16, 2023

We represent the UEI range of data acquisition products here in Australia and New Zealand, and our customers love how configurable the product is – there’s over 90 diverse I/O boards to choose from and that will cover many different application areas and solve many different customer problems. But when you’re working out what’s possible, how do you see it all in one go?



That’s where the UEI Quick Reference Guide (available for download, or let us know and we will send a printed version) comes in handy. It shows everything in one place: number of channels, sampling rates etc and lets you quickly select a system that works. Combine that with multiple rugged form factors, a 10-year availability guarantee and a 3-year extendable hardware warranty, you can see UEI and Dedicated Systems Australia are here to support you for the long term.