Special webinar by and Port of Antwerp

Posted: August 13, 2021


8th September 2021 @ 10.30p.m. ACST
Detecting Anomalous Vessel Movements with AI at Port of Antwerp


A port is a complex environment with a large number of movements and interactions every day. As a transportation hub, many of those movements and operations involve large international logistics operations. Some could be out of the ordinary, i.e., anomalous, and maybe even suspicious, illegal, or a threat to the safety of the port. Fortunately, technologies to monitor and analyse these movements are available.


This webinar will demonstrate how Port of Antwerp, together with, exploits data-driven machine learning to extract actionable insights from large amounts of historical vessel movements to maintain a safe and secure port environment.


What you will learn:

  • Use cases for analysing the movements of vessels in a port and the role of Port of Antwerp’s data science team.
  • How technologies such as AIS and radar, originally meant for vessel collision avoidance and vessel tracking, generate real, big data that can be used to fuel machine learning algorithms for actionable insight generation.
  • What algorithms can be used to analyse maritime location data in ports to detect anomalous and possibly suspicious, illegal, and hazardous behavior.
  • How by combining the right tools and data can provide a common operational picture to obtain business insights from massive data sets.
  • How the innovation efforts of Port of Antwerp, a leading maritime port authority, are driving digitalisation.


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