VPX167 – Aircraft Pod Mounted System

VPX167 3U VPX System
7-slot system with integrated Single Board Computer

The VPX167 is a 3U-based VPX system designed for being embedded in a large number of pod types flown by the US Military. With up to 7 slots that comply with the VPX standard (VITA 46), the VPX167 offers a high performance and modular architecture in a small and ruggedised form factor suitable for the most demanding Electronic Warfare applications.


A Single Board Computer (SBC) will typically act as the control and communication hub and connect to multiple peripheral cards. Subsystems with the following components and capabilities are possible: RF down and up conversion, Switched Filter banks, Analog-to-Digital, Digital-to-Analog, FPGA and DSP capabilities.


The VPX167 can host a variety of COTS based systems that are a combination of custom RF systems, COTS processing cards and custom, reconfigurable firmware.


  • 3U 7-slot VPX embedded System using FlexVPX backplanes
  • High Speed External Digital Communication using 10Gb or 1Gb Ethernet
  • High Speed inter-slot communication using PCIe
  • Ruggedised, conduction cooled enclosure designed to perform in harsh military environments


4DSP Products
  • FlexVPX backplanes supporting push fit RF connectors (i.e. VITA 67)
  • Xilinx Ultrascale or Virtex-7 FPGA cards (e.g. VP780)
  • Wide range of ADC and DAC cards using FPGA Mezzanine Cards (VITA 57)


3rd Party Products
  • Single Board Computer with Quad Core i7 CPU
  • 3U VPX RF down and up converters
  • 3U VPX RF Switched Filter Banks
  • Digitally controlled RF¬†synthesiser