UEIPAC 1200R – 12-Slot GigE Programmable Automation Controller, RACKtangle

Now supporting the VxWorks and Linux operating systems


The UEIPAC 1200R offers an unprecedented combination of flexibility, high performance, low cost and small rack (3U) size. The unit is an ideal solution in a wide variety of measurement and control applications including: Temperature control, Remote vehicle control (UAV and ULV), Hardware in-the-loop (HIL) and more.



  • Flexible. Select the I/O required to match your application
  • Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • Up to 300 analog or 576 digital I/O per PAC
  • Rugged: tested -40 to +70°C, 3g Vibration, 50g shock
  • Compact: (12 I/O slots) 5.25″ x 6.2″ x 17.5″ (3U)
  • Extremely cost effective
  • AC, DC or battery powered

  • Use your existing development license
  • Obtain your run-time license from WindRiver
  • Our BSP provides everything else you need including examples
  • One-time charge for BSP regardless of number of systems deployed

  • Uses standard Linux kernel or with Linux_rt preempt patch real-time support
  • Program in standard C
  • Eclipse IDE support
  • Develop on Linux PC or Windows PC in the Cygwin environment
  • SD card, SSD, and/or USB based disk
  • Uses the same API as our PowerDNA family

Each UEIPAC 1200R RACKtangle contains the PowerPC processor preloaded with the a standard Linux operating system. It also contains dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, serial port, inter-cube/rack sync interface and 12 I/O slots. Configure your PAC by selecting the I/O boards required to match your application. With over 80 different I/O boards available, there’s sure to be a configuration to meet your needs.

Make your systems smaller, faster, more reliable and higher performing with standalone application deployment, a key advantage of the UEIPAC. In UEIPAC systems, the VxWorks application runs directly on the UEI RACK or Cube eliminating the need for a separate host PC. The new VxWorks support allows these applications to be developed and run in VxWorks.