UEIPAC-100-1G – UEINet Cube with Modbus

UEINet Cube configured to support Modbus TCP

Based on UEI’s popular PowerDNA Cube architecture, the UEINet chassis provides ultra-compact Ethernet based I/O module suitable for a wide variety of distributed data acquisition, control and SCADA applications. It is designed for applications requiring distributed I/O with a very small footprint.



The “standard” UEINet is designed to run as a slave I/O unit controlled directly by a host PC. The UEINet PAC UPG option allows the unit to run as a stand-alone device running an application you write in either Linux or VxWorks operating systems. Simulink users can use the UEINet SIM UPG option to enable the ability to build applications in Simulink. These Simulink modules may be run on a host PC, stand-alone on the UEINet, or in a SCADA mode where a stand-alone application runs, but can be tuned by the host PC. Finally, there is the UEINet OPC-UA UPG.
The Core Module  provides two independent Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Controllers (NICs) with separate IP addresses:
  • Control port: the primary interface from the host PC
  • Diagnostics port: allows other computers (or a different thread on the host) to interrogate the I/O and system status of the Cube

These may be configured as a control port and a diagnostic port or they may be teamed/bonded for redundant network access.

The Core module controls the unit’s operations and provides:

  • The 8347 series PowerPC CPU
  • Two USB 2.0 controller ports (active only with the UEIPAC option)
  • Indicator lights
  • Timing/trigger interface
  • Configuration ports
  • Internal power supply

A custom (though fully COTS) I/O configuration is possible by specifying the UEINet with any of UEI’s DNA-series I/O boards.

With over 60 different I/O boards available we’re sure to have just what your application requires.