UEINet – Ultra Compact Gigabit Ethernet I/O modules

Single Slot Data Acquisition and Control Cube with PowerPC CPU


The UEINet chassis provides an ultra-compact, Ethernet based I/O module suitable for a wide variety of distributed data acquisition, control, and SCADA applications. The new series is designed for applications requiring distributed I/O with a very small footprint.



  • Two independent Gigabit (1000/100/10Base-T) Ethernet Interfaces
    • One port for Control, the second for diagnostics or
    • Both ports bonded/teamed for redundant network access
  • Compact: 2.7″ x 4″ x 4.1″
  • Over 60 different I/O configurations
  • Rugged: 100 g shock, 5 g Vibration, −40 to +70 °C, 0 – 70,000 feet
  • Real-time: 1000 I/O scans in < 1 millisecond
  • Inter-device sync interface

  • LabVIEW™, MATLAB™ support and more
  • Optional deployments include:
    • UEIPAC, standalone controller with Linux or VxWorks OS
    • UEISim, Simulink target (standalone or hosted by PC)
    • UEIModbus, Modbus TCP I/O

The Core Module provides two independent Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Controllers (NICs) with separate IP addresses. These may be configured as a control port and a diagnostic port or they may be teamed/bonded to allow redundant network access.

The control port is the primary interface from the host PC.

The diagnostics port allows other computers to interrogate the I/O and system status of the Cube.

The remainder of the chassis contains the I/O board. A custom (though fully COTS) I/O configuration is possible by specifying the UEINet with any of UEI’s DNA-series I/O boards. An overview of these boards is also provided in the UEINet Series data sheet, while detailed specifications can be obtained from the various I/O boards’ datasheets.