UEIModbus 1200R – 12-Slot UEIModbus RACKtangle

Flexible, rack-mountable (3U), industry standard, Modbus TCP-based data acquisition and control I/O Chassis with 12 slots for I/O


Whether your application requires a few I/O channels or a few thousand, the UEIModbus 1200R is an ideal solution in your Modbus based application. The Rack’s unique combination of flexibility, compact size, mechanical and electrical ruggedness, and ease of use is unparalleled.



  • Industry standard Modbus TCP interface
  • Slots for 12 I/O boards
  • Over 30 different I/O boards available
  • Up to 300 analog or 576 digital I/O per rack
  • Rugged: tested -40 to +70°C, 3g Vibration, 50g shock
  • Compact: 5.25″ x 6.2″ x 17.5″ (3U)
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Web/HTML configuration
  • AC, DC or battery powered

There are currently over 50 different I/O boards supported by the UEIModbus. It supports all of UEI’s popular Cube/RACKtangle based AI, AO, DI, DO and CT interfaces. (Other Cube/RACKtangle-based products include the PowerDNA®, UEISIM™ and UEIPAC™ families.)

The Modbus messaging protocol is used to establish master-slave/client-server communication between intelligent devices. It is a defacto standard, truly open and the most widely used network protocol in the industrial manufacturing environment. Modbus devices communicate using a master-slave configuration.

The UEIModbus 1200R HalfRACK functions as a Modbus slave that is easily accessed by any software client acting as a Modbus master. Most popular HMI software supports the Modbus protocol.