RTI Xcelerators

Accelerating Your Path to Success

There is no room for error in designing, integrating and deploying your intelligent systems. RTI’s Professional Services team works with RTI customers to increase efficiency, eliminate costly rework and drive project success. RTI Xcelerators are the Professional Services team’s comprehensive and flexible approach to providing customers with the additional expertise they need to achieve these goals.

If you are on a support plan or have previously purchased hours, it is encouraged that you to sign up for the RTI Xcelerators that fit your needs, to maximise the benefits of your plan. If you have used all of your available hours or have not worked with the Services team before and want to learn more, RTI will notify you when you submit your selection and will work out the details directly with you.

Selecting RTI Xcelerators

RTI offer a number of RTI Xcelerators that are grouped by a Service Type, with these types being:

  • Learn: Receive live training covering RTI products, tools, capabilities and best practices.
  • Apply: Accelerate the speed at which your target goals are achieved by applying RTI expertise throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Solve: Address your unique challenge with a dedicated resource on a negotiated timeline.

Contact Dedicated Systems or visit the RTI web site to find and select any of the numerous RTI Xcelerators offered that interest you.