The IC-PPC-VMEb, featuring the QorIQ® T2081 (or T1042) processor, offers unparalleled performance to VME legacy applications and provides ruggedized and highly secure solutions.

Superseding our IC-De6-VMEb, it ensures compatibility with existing equipments while offering increased embedded computing power.

The IC-PPC-VMEb board provides a flexible combination of interfaces offering a highly versatile open platform in a single slot VME to optimize weight, size, power and cost.

  • 6U VME
  • Single or Dual QorIQ® T2081/T1042
  • up to 8 GB DDR3 with ECC
  • user-programmable FPGA
  • Giga Ethernet switch
  • XMC/FMC slot

  • VMEbus 64x interface (P1/P2)
  • FMC/XMC slot 0
  • PMC/XMC slot 1
  • P0 connector
  • P2 connector
  • Front connectors