IC-GRA-XMCc – AMD E8860 XMC Graphics board

Not recommended for new designs(EOL)

*See IC-GRA-XMCe for new designs


With the IC-GRA-XMCc, the rugged military and aerospace market is provided with the latest generation of AMD based graphic board.


Available with long term support program for temperature screened AMD E8860 GPU, the IC-GRA-XMCc is a versatile solution dedicated to critical general purpose computing on graphic units (GPGPU) applications.


With doubled GFLOPS performances compared with the E4690 (M96) and significantly higher performance per watt than power-comparable competitor GPUs, the E8860 also allows frequency scalling to further optimize power consumption in regard of the expected features.


  • AMD Radeon E8860
    • 2GB on-chip GDDR5 memory (1GHz 128-bit)
  • PCI-Express 2.1 (x8 lanes on Pn5 connector)

  • 6 independent display controllers
  • 2 of them can be configured as legacy displays allowing the following configurations ( 1 ) :
    • VGA + 5 DisplayPorts,
    • Single-Link DVI + 5 DisplayPorts
    • VGA + Single-Link DVI + 4 DisplayPorts
    • 2 Single-Link DVI + 4 DisplayPorts
    • 1 Dual-Link DVI + 4 DisplayPorts

Digital interfaces :

  • 6 TMDS/DisplayPorts
  • one VGA interfaces ( 2 ), configurable as :
  • RGB (Sync on green, composite or seperated sync)
  • STANAG3350B/C
  • Composite or S-Video (NTSC/PAL)