IC-ADC-FMCc – A/D 12-bit, Quad 1.3 GSPS or Dual 2.6 GSPS

A/D FMC module

The IC-ADC-FMCc board is part of our Front End Processing product line to respond to the increasing demand in fast data sampling for embedded systems especially in the field of Software Radio, Radar and Electronic Warfare solutions.

It offers a flexible connectivity with our FPGA 3U and 6U Front End Processing boards running our Signal Processing Regerence Design, and thus allows customers to streamline development of high performance signal acquisition systems by concentrating their efforts on their most critical tasks.


  • FMC – VITA57.1 HPC Compliant
  • 2-Channels 12-bit, 2,6 Gsps A/D or
  • 4-Channels 12-bit, 1,3 Gsps A/D
  • SSMC Connectors
  • Conduction-cooled compliant

  • Two ADC12d1600Texas Intruments ADCs with 12 bit resolution
  • 4 A/D channels with SSMC connectors
  • Input impedance: 50 Ohm, AC or DC coupling

  • Digital data for the four channels is output on a Dual Data Rate LVDS source-synchronous digital interface

  • Sampling Clock (CKI) or Reference Input (REFI)
    • TI LMK04828B with Clock Jitter Cleaner with Dual Loop PLLs
    • SSMC, 50 Ohm, AC coupled
  • Clocking Options:
    • Directly driven on front panel (CKI)
    • Synthesised by on-board Dual PLL from front panel reference clock input (REFI)
    • Synthesised by on-board Dual PLL from reference clock input from FMC connector
  • Clock Output (CKO)
    • SSMC, 50 Ohm, AC coupled