DNx-CT-602-804 – Differential Counter/Timer with Sync Serial I/O

Differential Counter/Timer with Sync Serial I/


The DNA-CT-602-804 and DNR-CT-602-804 are high performance multipurpose interfaces. The 602-804 differs from the standard DNx-CT-602 as it provides a synchronous serial interface rather than counter/timers. Any of the 4 channels can be configured as independent communications ports.



  • Four independent channels, each can be configured as a General purpose synchronous serial port (Tx, Rx, Clk, Trig, Ack)
  • Fully differential inputs/outputs at RS-422/485 logic levels
  • Supports “Clock/Data/Strobe” communications protocol in serial mode
  • Programmable data word and frame synch length in serial mode

The CT-602-804 counter-timer board is the only I/O Layer offered by UEI that supports different variations of the “Clock/Data/Sync” legacy synchronous protocols. Its Generic Synchronous Serial Protocol (or GSSP) offers this support, and can be configured to support variations of these protocols from other vendors.

Software included with the DNx-CT-602-804 provides a comprehensive yet easy to use API supporting programmers using Windows, Linux, and most real-time operating systems including QNX, INtime, VXworks and more.

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