DNx-AO-364 – 4-Channel Function generator/AWFG interface

4-Channel Function generator/AWFG interface


The DNx-AO-364 are 4-channel function generator/Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWFG) boards for use in UEI’s popular Cube/RACKtangle chassis, respectively. Standard sine, square and triangle waveforms at up to 150 kHz are provided or the user may create a custom waveform by taking advantage of the boards’ AWFG capabilities



  • DNA-AO-364 for use with “Cube” I/O chassis (DNR version shown in photo)
  • DNR-AO-364 for use with RACKtangle™ I/O chassis
  • 4 independently configurable channels
  • Sine, Square, Triangle or AWFG output
  • 1 mHz to 150kHz outputs
  • 0.25 Hz output resolution
  • Software selectable phase shifts between channels
  • Real-time frequency slew/sweep

The DNx-AO-364 provides high resolution in both its frequency output as well as voltage output settings. Output Frequency may be set from 1 mHz to 150 kHz with 0.25 Hz resolution and ±1.0 Hz overall accuracy. Output voltages may be set from 0 to 8.45 Vrms with 16-bit resolution. Output DC offset may be set between ±12.0 VDC, also with 16-bit resolution.

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RACKtangle ®


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