DNx-AO-318-020 – 8-Channel Isolated 0-20 mA D/A Board with BIT

8-Channel Isolated 0-20 mA D/A Board with BIT


The DNx-AO-318-020 are fully isolated, high-precision, 8-channel analog voltage output boards, compatible with UEI’s popular “Cube”, RACKtangle and FLATRACK I/O chassis respectively. The boards offer full 16-bit resolution and guarantee monotonicity over the entire operating temperature range. Each DNx-AO-318 channel provides an output range of ±10 V and is capable of driving ±10 mA.



  • For use in “Cube” I/O chassis
  • 8 independent fully isolated 16-bit DACs
  • Built-in-test functionality monitors output voltage and current
  • 10 kHz per channel max update rate
  • 0 – 20 mA ouput range
  • Simultaneous update across all channels

The DNx-AO-318-020 provides extensive built-in-test diagnostics. An onboard A/D converter on each channel allows the user to monitor both output voltage and current. A solid state relay on each output allows the D/A channel to be disconnected from the field I/O so that a complete board self-test can be completed without driving the circuitry connected to the outputs.
All 8 channels may be configured to update simultaneously, or they may be updated one at a time as data is written. A 1024 sample FIFO allows each D/A to be updated at 10 kHz without data loss. Double buffering the outputs combined with the use of low glitch D/As make the DNx-AO-318-020 an ideal solution for generating low frequency waveforms or providing highly accurate switched stimulus.

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