ComEth 4590a – 3U VPX Dual-Plane 40 GigE Switch


The ComEth4590a is a high performance ruggedised dual plane 3U VPX Layer 2/3 Ethernet switch developed in alignment with the SOSA™ (Sensor Open Systems Architecture) Technical Standard. It integrates two sets of independent layer 2 (Ethernet) and layer 3 switches & control processors to support physically separated Control and Data Planes for highly secured 3U VPX systems.


These two Ethernet packet processors, managed by the Dual core ARM processors, offer remarkable switching capabilities with 1G, 10G and 40G Ethernet configurations.


The ComEth4590a is available in conduction-cooled version.


  • 3U VPX
  • Switching for 2 independent domains
  • VITA 65.0 Slot Profile SLT3-SWH-6F1U7U-14.4.14
  • Up to 34 ports
  • 1000BASE-SX, 10GBASE-SR (front)
  • 1000BASE-KX, 10GBASE-KX4/KR, 40GBASE-KR4 (rear)
  • Aligned with the SOSA™ Technical Standard