CB2-PIPE 3U CPCI 5-Port USB 2.0 Host Controller

  • USB Root hub with 5 downstream facing ports, all ports over-current protected,
  • USB port 1-4 wired to front panel type A connectors
  • USB port 1-4 optionally wired to J2 for rear I/O usage (front panel connectors USB1-4 removed)
  • USB port 5 wired to the on-board type A connector
  • USB port 5 optionally dedicated to the on-board USB — Flash drive (on-board connector USB5 removed)
  • Optional on-board USB2.0 Flash drive controller and 2 pcs. NAND Flash up to 8Gbit each (total memory capacity up to 2GByte), can be used as bootable device