Universal BTIDriver™ API

BTIDriver is the common set of API libraries for Ballard Technology’s newer hardware products. It includes support for many of the avionics databus interfaces supported by Ballard Technology. BTIDriver unifies the development of applications for Ballard Technology products by keeping a consistent programming interface across products.

Programs developed today for one type of BTIDriver compliant product, will be able to operate future BTIDriver compliant products with little or no change to the source code. Code developed for older Ballard devices can be adapted for use with newer BTIDriver compatible devices through a DLL translation driver.


Ease of Use

Ballard products can be easily configured and operated with only a few API calls. The comprehensive libraries also include a broad range of functions for specialized needs.

The API provided with Ballard products is designed to allow the user access to the avionics databuses without the burden of memory maps, data registers, or other low level interfaces. The API is organized by groups of similar high level functions. For example, to handle data and status associated with messages there are functions to configure, read, and write message information.