ٴ[EOL] AB3000 Series N Avionics BusBox


Suggested Alternative:

  • NG3 Product Family


The AB3000 ‘Series N’ is a highly-flexible, COTS solution ideally suited for a distributed system architecture on civil and military platforms. This compact device merges 64-bit Quad Core processing, high throughput Gigabit Ethernet, and a wide array of conventional avionics I/O into a powerful control and communication solution that provides rapid deployment with no up-front NRE.


The AB3000 Series N is optimized to interface with, collect, process, and distribute avionics data. The unit can serve as the main infrastructure component for a distributed system architecture (mission system), or be employed for a variety of interfacing, bridging or control operations. The integral, 8-port Gigabit Ethernet switch interfaces with a variety of systems and reliably moves large amounts of data to where it is needed.


Series N

Power Efficient
Integrated Network

Intel Atom E680T, 32-bit
Intel Atom E680T, 32-bit
QorlQ T1040, 64-bit, quad core


Power Supply
Enhanced high efficiency, non-isolated
Enhanced high efficiency, non-isolated

Notable Features
PMC expansion
PMC expansion
Integrated on-chip 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

  • Key component of an aircraft distributed system architecture
  • QorIQ® 64-Bit Quad Core Processor
  • Integral 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch with managed or unmanaged operation
  • Flexible write protect capability
  • Wide range of avionics and computer I/O including:
    • MIL-STD-1553
    • ARINC 429, 717
    • Serial, Discrete
    • Ethernet, USB 2.0 Host
  • Pre-qualified COTS hardware solution
  • Robust SDK to facilitate the development and deployment of customer software
  • Ideal for Open Mission Systems (OMS) implementations

The AB3000 Series delivers outstanding performance on the ground or in the air. It is easily deployed on UAV, helicopter, fixed wing, and ground mobile platforms.

Applications include:

  • Data and protocol conversion
  • Databus and network bridging
  • Data serving
  • Data recording
  • Voice and visual processing
  • Power controllers
  • Federated controllers
  • Ethernet switching