Polarion® Releases VARIANTS™ and new 2015 Versions for Polarion ALM™, Polarion RM™, and Polarion QA™

Posted: September 30, 2015

Powerful variants management and new features for Applications Lifecycle Management, Requirements Management and Quality Assurance.

With new versions Polarion ALM, QA, and REQUIREMENTS, Polarion Software continues to improve the user experience and provide extended capabilities for product development stakeholders.

The new release proves that agile methods and “Continuous Improvement” are not merely selling points, but the core of the corporate culture and integral to the success of software manufacturers.

The 2015 version of the Polarion platform and product suite focuses on automating and streamlining the expanded role of software development in product innovation digital transformation, with new and enhanced functionality for:

  • Variant Management
  • Reporting
  • Workflow Management
  • 3rd-party Integrations

“Rapid innovation in Research and Development is a critical component of Polarion’s continued success,” says Frank Schroeder, CEO of Polarion Software. “The 2015 releases prove that agile methods and continuous improvement are not merely selling points, but the core of Polarion’s corporate culture.”

Polarian VARIANTS is a new add-on for Polarion’s core solution offerings that helps companies address the increasing variability in product line engineering. VARIANTS provides powerful new features for managing multiple versions, branches, and branches of versions – automatically and with full traceability throughout the development lifecycle. The solution seamlessly integrates with Polarion ALM, REQUIREMENTS, and QA, as well as with industry-leading technologies provided by Polarion’s community of integration partners.

To help companies track and communicate project status and updates, Polarion’s 2015 release provides enhanced reporting capabilities, including Visual Live Reporting. This feature enables distributed teams to communicate project details, including project status, schedules and milestones, and resource consumption in a concise graphical presentation to extended team members and management. Enhanced reporting and intuitive visualisation, ensures project transparency, predictability and improved product quality and shorter development cycles.

Polarion workflows now incorporate a powerful electronic signature feature, supporting quicker, more granular traceability at each step of the project process. Tasks can be iteratively tested, refined or corrected, before being approved and passed along to the next level in the workflow process. Flexible workflow and e-signature design ensures adaptability to complex regulatory standards across industries, e.g., medical, aerospace and automotive.

Over 30 partner extensions are supported in the 2015 release, including connectors for Siemens Teamcentre, Microsoft TFS, Salesforce and HP Quality Centre.

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